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Botanical Dye jacket and skirt
A selection of images printed as archival Gicle's
Acrylic paintings on canvas, paper and fabric
Classes for individuals, groups, families, HART Rock ART's IN Vacation
I am a small batch blender of herbal teas, spices and jellies; including coffee, beer and wine.  Most are certified organic.
Art Dolls of all sorts, including healing dolls.
Red V Reflective Glide Fold" folded by Patricia C. Coleman
Morning Frolic ,India Ink
A lover of creative design, I explore fiber using a variety of resist and non'toxic dye techniques.
ndigo Dye Paper - Bluemington Dye Vat with Roland Rickets

Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe & Quilter's Comfort Teas

September 26, 2016
Having a Gratitude Journal helps create a beautiful focus and frame! What a personal gift! "According to a study by researchers from the University of Minnesota and the University of Florida, having participants write down a list of positive events at the close of a day - and why the events made them happy - lowered their self-reported stress levels and gave them a greater sense of calm at night." Register for the Cafe's "Gratitude Journal Workshop"!
Makevention - convention of makers in Bloomington, IN Aug 27, 2016
A Convention of makers offered by Bloominglabs, Bloomington, Indiana's maker group. This was the fourth year and it was wonderful! I love the energy of all the tech and non-tech alike!
June 17, 2016
Artisan Alley Presents Shades of Summer

Saturday June 25th from 12-6. At Shades of Summer you fill find local art vendors, live music, local beer, live art demos, and local food and drink vendors. Free. 1607 South Rogers Street.

I will be there demonstrating a book arts technique or a braiding technique and hope to see some old familiar faces!

Quilter's Comfort will have a small selection of Downstream, the 2016 tea! Also other teas, seasonings, a few new dips and of course Wheat Ale , Dragonberry, Komodo Dragonberry beer jellies and more!

Previously I showed you square weave pleats in paper and fabric! It is possible I will have a few reversable fabric squares available for purchase.


Some of the things pictured here will be available at Shades of Summer. Everything in this picture is art or craft that is either from something upcycled, repurposed or reimagined! The framed botanical leaf prints are of Autumn Olive an invasive species. The purple circle paper I made from cast away office and art papers.

The reading of Birds of a Feather chapbook by Five Women Poets generated nearly $500 for Wild Care of Bloomington! We were all wonderfully surprised and appreciative of everyone present. We have a few left.

April 30, 2016

On the 14th of May, there will be a reading of Birds of a Feather by Five Women Poets! Proceeds for sales during the launch will benefit Wild Care of Bloomington, Indiana.

Birds of a Feather by Five Women Poets - cover image

Click Here for Chap Book Release Information


It too me a little while, but I finally can make this wonderful Square Weave (pleat) from tesselation pattern designer Eric Gjerde! It works well on fabric too (see below)! I really enjoy how the front and reverse are so very different!

Square Weave, paper, folded by Patricia C. Coleman, pattern design  by  Eric Gjerde

Square Weave, paper, folded by Patricia C. Coleman, back, pattern design  by  Eric Gjerde


Square Weave, fabric - rice paste design, folded by Patricia C. Coleman, tile pattern design  by  Eric Gjerde

Square Weave in cotton fabric, cloth pattern made with rice paste.

Happy Spring


Just had a wonderful BLOOM Artist Showcase event in the Bloomington, IN Convention Center. It has been a very busy time working on the forthcoming 5 Women Poet's chapbook Birds of a Feather, restructuring Peace Words, which was originally an open book into a bound form so it can be cataloged. Then there is the Quilter's Comfort. So much time keeping web things up to date and really not yet getting everything to be fresh and present.

Last week, I published the first Local Food News update in more than a year and it has a lot of local food info, including an interview with Executive Chef Padraig Cullen, Processing Pears by Glenda Breeden, local shout outs, and other food news of regional and global interest. And yes, links to amazing heirloom food resources! Other pages of Local Food are also being updated.

I have been on an amazing taste journey crafting Bear Kisses Chocolate Raspberry Stout Beer Jam made with local Upland Teddy Bear Kisses and 100% cacao chocolate and fresh red raspberries! Luscious, smoothe and very chocolately. The darker beers make a great pairing with chocolate and fruit.

Working on completing a few book arts projects that have been loling about for a number of years.

Enjoy this weather and life!

Greetings Everyone!

I hope that you have been having enjoyable experiences since my last note to you. It is beginning to feel like autumn with cool mornings and summer ripening flowers and fruits.

I am settling into the newness that follows any move and I am taking appointments for Vibrational Wellness Services (Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Contemplative Folding, etc.). Call and leave a message and I will get with you as soon as possible.

Along with settling in to my new "Herb Cave", I have been preparing for the third annual MAKEVENTION this Saturday, August 29th in the Convention Center, 10AM to 4PM.

I am excitedly looking forward to once again seeing and experiencing a wide spectrum of "Makers" from the Bloomington community!

I will have Quilter's Comfort products for purchase, including

Rose Hip Jelly Quilter's Comfort
Coffee with beans steaming
Quilter's Comfort Rose Mint Herbal Tea

" Rose Hip Jelly, Coffee Jam and Elderberry Rose Mint!
If you are a fan of my Beer Jelly, Black Ruby, or any of the herbal wine or coffee jellies, you can special order these jellies and make arrangements free of shipping charges (Bloomington) or see me at Holiday Market in November, in the Convention Center.

" L.A.O.'s Certified Organic Seasonings and Dips!
- Seasoning Blend
- Curry Seasoning
- EVERYTHING Plus Popcorn
- Garam Masala
- Burger Bliss

*I will be introducing some new L.A.O. Dips and Seasonings!

*Select Quilter's Comfort bagged teas will be ON SALE!

Chocolate Raspberry herbal tea
*Yes, I will have some Chocolate Raspberry tea

*I will also have an assortment of Samplers which are a great way to explore and prepare
for the cool days to come.

" NEW! Seasoning Sampler Cards are a great gift for Foodies in your life!


I LOVE Me Cream for your skin. Stop by and see how good it feels!


I will also have an assortment of paste papers.

*Some hand bound journals

and will have a

*DEMONSTRATION of a flexagon book arts form through out the day.

Glimpse of Herb Cave  Aug. 2015

My new "Herb Cave" is perfect. It is a place organized as home for Quilter's Comfort.
The move happened with the help of some great friends, and I will say, was easy compared to previous office moves! This time, as I packed, I separated items to gift away or deliver to reuse stores. Then, as I unpacked, I again looked at what I was unwrapping, and more items were designated as gift a-ways! Each day, I have been trying to select six items from my stuff to let go of. I have been doing this now for a few months. In the beginning, it was very difficult to make my selections. It is becoming a little easier every day. Still, I admit, there are some days, when I am challenged to choose one or two items, but that is okay. Moving really helps me to see that I live in abundance of many things. And though I think I have all these possessions because I need them for business or creative arts, and I appreciate what I have; it is still much.

I have considerable updating to do for Quilter's Comfort, HART Rock and other web presences I have a finger in; and find myself looking for ways to consolidate, purge and emerge from so much time spent with my web commitments. Some web presences, not mentioned, may be sold and others will be re-visioned.


Hope to see you there!

Blessings of much good to you!


FRIDAY, JULY 24th, 11 AM TO 5 PM

SATURDAY JULY 25th, 2015, 11 AM TO 4 PM


Yes, I am living deep in uncertainty even as new pathways emerge!

Read about recent adventures on the Local Food Bloomington Blog

or Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe Blog

HART Rock's ARTS IN whether you live in the Bloomington, area, or are visiting and want to experience a hands on relaxing arts adventure, then JOIN ME for Magical Bookmaking and Paper Arts. When you register wih HART Rock's Arts IN. You will learn how to make an amazing book arts forms in a very relaxed environment where you have the option of staying to dine with the accompaniment of great music.

Arts Jam in the Pub - Arts Jam in the Pub - Join Mailing list to be notified about upcoming events or Email to make reservations!

Simple, versatile book structures can form the basis for creative investigation and artistic expression. Relax. and discover your inner artist in a fun, casual environment and let your creative juice flow. No experience needed! Be willing to play with paper.

Working with color, light and love for more than 30 years!

July 6th, 2015

How quickly time flies! The adventures of life and its contrast has me on the move again one year after leaving Kirkwood Ave. So many changes around Bloomington So much lost flavor. The area is now down to a handful of small cafe and coffeehouse type businesses. Disapearing are the type of businesses that give communities a certain feel, the type of businesses that keep communities going when the big corps pick up and go.

I have enjoyed having my offices in Executive Park North, Olympus Realty's support of Open Studio and the space I created there for cllients of HART Rock, Reiki Peace and Art and Quilter's Comfort.


At this time, I seek/want space to move into. If you know of or have available space, please contact me to discuss.

Vibrational Energy Clients, please continue to make appoints as usual. At that time you will get address. This month, I will limit the number of Distance appointments scheduled.


To make my move a little easier, and to connect with you one last time in this space, I am having a


FRIDAY, JULY 24th, 11 AM TO 5 PM

SATURDAY JULY 25th, 2015, 11 AM TO 4 PM


*TEA SAMPLERS - $ .80 each

*TEAS 16+ GENEROUS SERVINGS - $5.00 each

Also ON SALE!!


*CLAY - 25%OFF










At this time, I seek/want space to move into.

If you know of or have available space,

please contact me to discuss.

Thank you!



June 12, 2015

Dear All,

The Open Studio Tour was very exciting! More than 50 people visited my space, and at times, I was challenged to be sure to speak with each individual!

To everyone who visited, THANK YOU! I enjoyed having you in my space. There were many lively moments and great conversations. Some of you were visiting from as far away as California, and just happened to be in town for personal reasons; one couple was on a memory visit, and very happy to discover the Arts Tour. A few of my visitors were here because of the Comedy Festival, as was my son-in-law, an editor for the Kokomo Times. I enjoyed seeing folks I had not seen for a while.

I was very surprised when IU brain scientist, Jill B. Taylor walked in! I recognized her immediately, as Yuko (Ichiyo Dharma) and I had participated in a talk at Unity facilitated by her a few years past. Of course, I was very pleased to have her see my work and her interest in what I am doing. She, as did others, asked questions and wanted me to go beyond surface explanations. She told me that she liked how I talked in response to my reflection on what I am doing in my vibrational energy work.

I also spoke of how all that I do and create is about energy moving through different expressions. I was soaring with all the positive energy. I found myself momentarily stunned when in a conversation with Jill! I was in new territory as I perceived her energetically really present and some part of me was shouting YES, WOW and… She is being present here and now! This is someone okay in her energy sphere and I felt immense appreciation for her, the people she came with and everyone present in the space!

My bookmarks arrived safely in Bristol for the Book Mark Project in support of libraries. Bookmark set will be distribution for free in 10 venues: artist's book collections, centres or galleries. To see achieves in the project visit

MAKEVENTION on August 29th, in the Bloomington Convention Center is the next community event I will be participating in. For more information, visit Makevention website at

If we spoke about classes or workshops, and you don't see it happening soon, contact me as there is much going on and sometimes in juggling, I drop the wand.

A couple of you asked about the sign saying "Thank you for not wearing fragrances". Yes, I and a number of my clients are among a growing number of folks who have developed sensitivity to fragrances. According to Bonnie Penner in writing for Well Being Journal, it is chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body; they are called Xenoestrogens and it seems they play a role in a myriad of problems for men and women including severe PMS, cysts, migraines, some cancers, reduced ability to tolerate these chemicals in the environment, etc. I suggest you read for your self the November/December 2014 issue. You might also read what Dr. Mercola has to say -; National Institutes of Health Pub Med -


I am cleaning out my studio and will be having a huge (I think) sale in mid July. Prices on many older works will be reduced by at least half, some I might let go at one third. So, if you have wanted some of my art, this is a good time. Go to older works begin at Send me a note to to get a quote on the sale price if the work is still available. I will also have a number of works that do not appear on the website.

I will send out a message with dates for classes, including PUB ARTS in the Player's Pub, as soon as I have figured out the calendar.

Thanks and Blessings in All!



I hope this note finds you each well and enjoying the summer.

If you are out this weekend, please visit me and other artist in Bloomington, Nashville, Spencer and surrounding areas during the

June 6th and June 7th, 2015 - Sat.10am-6pm, Sun. 10am-4pm

Please stop in the Wellness Arts Cafe, 2620 North Walnut, Suite 915, past Cascades Inn. . Look for the Executive Park Marque, turn right into parking area. My entrance is door left of the General Business Systems and Lakota Language Consortium sign.

You can pick up Open Studio Tour publications with maps and images of artist works all around the area. You can also visit the website, view art, check out the event sponsors, etc.

I will have cold refreshment and treats.

You will get to see some of the things I am working on and I will have post cards, prints, rice paste papers, handmade books, journals, art and gift certificates that can be used for art, classes and Vibrational Wellness sessions.

This is the book below open on its wooden covers!

I love this!


Black Walnut sculptural flag book

An area will be set up with displays and a book arts related demonstration. I am excited to share with you these new works and opportunities available to share them with you.


Rice Paste Papers

I will have information about upcoming workshops, and as always, invite you to enjoy arts play with family, friends or as a treat for yourself.

In these busy times, I hope you take, even a few minutes each day to slow down. Taking a few minutes has a very positive impact on your entire system.

Here are a few other things you can do to support your wellbeing.

" Enjoy a soothing cup of tea containing chamomile, hops, lavender and for some a little chocolate is wonderful. My Quilter's Comfort tea blends, All Ears 2, Lavender Tranquility, Chamomile HipHop and Chocolate Chamomile taste good, are relaxing and offer great nutritional benefits. Visit Quilter's Comfort for more information about these blends.

" Eat mindfully, Thich Nhat Hahn, a Buddhist monk has a lot of great information about mindfulness. Also, slow down when you are eating, be appreciative, even joyful. Ayurvedic Medicine says to combine herbs and the six tastes - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent into your meal plan to make a balanced diet.

" Enjoy a slow walk

" Meditate. Even five minutes of calmly focusing on your breath is very beneficial to your entire system, it has also been shown to reduce blood pressure.

" Visit a Vibrational Healing Practitioner. Many of my clients have noted that they have experienced some of their deepest relaxation in a energy session.

" Do self massage to all parts of your body or get a massage from a friend or practitioner. Your hands and feet in particular are very important as they connect to every part of your body, not to mention, what they do for use each day.

" Listen to soothing music (maybe while sipping your tea)

" Read a good book

" Make some art

I am sure you can add many other items to this list.

Whatever you do, relaxation is a very important part of self care.

Hope to see you during the Open Studio Tour!

May you have joy and wellness in all.

In appreciation,



April 21st, 2015

Happy Earth Day! May you take time to consider and appreciate our amazing earth home!

Last Saturday, I presented a Reiki talk at the annual meeting of the Indiana Federation of Business & Professional Women. The event, held at the Brown County Inn hosted women from around the state. I met one who had been a member since the nineteen seventies! My talk was about fifty minutes with me ending the session offering two minute sessions to nearly a dozen patricipants.

I have been having so much fun getting my studio office plumped up for the Open Studio Tour June 6th and 7th. I love working on the books and my project I plan to demonstrate for visitors. I am definitely in the wondering stage of how to present some of the works. A couple of pieces you may see there are after the quilts.

The queen sized indigo quilt is still in process. There was a detour as I created a baby/lap quilt of African indigo prints and panels with the two solid (light blue and darkest blue) from the Bloomington Ingigo Vat. The reverse is all African prints in a brights. Next week the baby quilt will fly off to Myanmar (Burma) where the new boy is living.


Indigo Baby - Patricia C. Coleman, 2015,  lap size, african indigo prints, panels and indigo dyed by Rowland Ricketts in the  Bloomington, IN  Indigo Vat.
Indigo Baby Reverse - Patricia C. Coleman, african prints and panels, lap size indigo trim.


Since my last post, I have been joyfully connecting with book and paper artist in various places on the earth. We are amazing creative beings! I have been delving deep into the forms and structures of book artist and preservationist Hedi Kyle and a few others. I seem to be revisiting forms explored many years, some decades past. I am wondering if recipients of those books created as gifts have them? I recall a number of them being the flag form.

Those who helped with the paste paper questions and making the surface more stable in humid environments with the bees wax, thank you. I see a delicious glimpse at inclusions in my book structures! I am looking forward to sharing my refreshed and recently acquired structures in a workshop.

Caterpillar Book , Patricia C. Coleman - Blizzard reversed with small blizzard book in "pockets".  original box with rice paste papers bees waxed,   Hummingbird Press, Crows Dancing

Caterpillar Book (Reverse Blizzard with small blizzard inserts) with unique box, rice paste paper, bees waxed


Piana Hinge Book, Rice Paste Cover, Patricia C. Clleman

Piana Hinge Journal

As the book arts community is very generous, I am, too inspired to share and have been learning to make tutorials. Right now, I am still in the comedy stages where I can only laugh at the results. I know I will eventually get the hang of it.

My basic forms for my book, One Sheet Wonders are getting their instructions written. Once a few pass the proofing stages, I will send out invites to book artist to get feed back and ideally images that can be used in the book.

May your journey be joyful!

HART Rock's
Wellness Arts Cafe
Hummingbird Press

Rice Paste Paste Papers

"Be Expansive", altered blizzard book form
"Blue Towel Pie Woman"

Local Food

"Cranes at Sunset", Patricia C. Coleman, Handpainted resist, machine quilted
Indiana Holistic Health

Love Works

Ichiyo Meditation Supplies - Available In Wellness Arts Cafe
Ichiyo One Leaf Dharma Supplies
Green Dove Network logo
Farmer House Museum 529 North College Avenue. A living history museum. Quilts on display.
Fishbone Book Form

February 18th

A little snow and the world appears so different. Birds are attached to the feeder.

As they (who ever they are) say, time sure flies! I can only hope that I will develop a pattern of posting once a month. I think I am hearing an eco.

All Ears 2 Quilter's Comfort Tea is on Sale so Mailing List Subscribers, read your message to learn of an additional discount!

I will be participating in the Open Studios Tour the first weekend of June. For information about the event click here.

Recently, I make some beautiful gluten free paste papers to use as book covers. Looking into how to seal the paste papers for book arts, I learned that some rubbed the surface with beeswax. I learned some a few things about waxing paper that, ideally, I will share in the near future in a posting or at least in workshops.



December 19, 2014

Seasonal Greetings and Happy New Beginnings!

Dear Reader,

Thank you to all who have been visiting my blog site. I just updated the Quilter's Comfort Blog - CLICK HERE TO READ

In the Quilter's Comfort Note you will find:
*Brief Update
*L.A.O. Seasonings
*Tea Appreciation
*Herbal Teas for Cold and Flu (and anytime)
*Jellies Note

I last posted to the Wellness Arts Cafe Blog before the previous ARTS IN the PUB workshop - click visit Cafe Blog.

To stay up to date with what is happening, please subscribe to mailing list.






October 7th, 2014

You are invited to the 40th Anniversary Reading of 5 Women Poets

Address: 202 E. 6th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408
Times: 2 - 4 pm
Admission: Free

The group Five Women Poets has been encouraging poets to hone their craft for forty years. They will celebrate their anniversary by offering light refreshments and several varieties of original poetry by Antonia Matthew and Leah Helen May, founding members; Anya Peterson Royce, Patricia C. Coleman, Margaret Fisher Squires, and Nancy Chen Long; and alumni guest readers.

I hope to see some of you there.

I considered singing a poem, but do not think I am ready to venture down that trail.



September 7th, 2014

September 7th, 2014

Loving being a Grandmother and a Godmother! Really wish all were here with me!

My book arrived safely in Australia and will be on exhibirt in the Redland Museum!

Things have been moving along and more pics soon.

Participated in MAKEVENTION and attended the anniversary performance for Afro Hoosier International.

Tis the season for getting ready for the holiday celebrations! I will only be able to make so much jelly because of commissions and fairs, so, please contact me now to get your orders in! You will love the Blackberry Feel Good Wine jelly! All of the jellies are wonderful!

This year we also have a few gift package, herbal samplers, jelly, etc.

The queen sized quilt commission is comming along. We have the African Fabrics and yardage is being dyed with indigo by Rowland Ricketts to tie in the hometown. I am in appreciation of this project and all that I am learning about Africal fabrics and working with people I love.

Feeling appreciation and gratitude.

August 13, Between then and Now

Between then and now there was the final day open to the public at 725 West Kirkwood. It was an amazing amount of energy and at a level, I had not been working in and though I was dog tired, loved it and the sense of less tired as days folded into weeks. Updating some of web pages with new phone and address information.

Movin in


Wellness area ready for a Reiki Client

Bit by bit, one detail at a time things move forward. I am excited! I am looking forward to sharing the new space. There is a wonderful community throughout the hotel turned business complex. People seem relaxed and intent on their work. The wellness area is ready for a Reiki appointment.


July 4th, 2014 Slowing down to take care of self.

Busy, busy, busy rebuilding web pages, clearing out clutter and finishing up a few projects. Clarifying my ideas for the quilt I am making on commission. Interestingly, as Nancy and I come closer to deciding on fabrics, art quilt books are arriving to assist the process. I marvel at the timing of things.

In the back ground, I am working on writing for the 40th Annual reading of 5 Women Poets in October. Once the move is complete, I will be able to give more of my able to focus to the quilt and other writing projects. I have an opportunity to write about food beyond the Local Food and Local News I offer through Green Dove!

Stop, breathe, go out for a walk to give myself space as I am slowly working up steam in preparation of the forthcoming MOVE! Half a month slipped away as I work to remain present as I prepare for the fast approaching tomorrow. Daily I must bring myself into awarenes of what is needed to stay focused on business task and care for me. Shortly, I will turn sixty and feel that I am finally getting the understanding of this self. Taking five minute breathing - meditation movents throughout the day keeps me going.

Very soon, I will be a Grandmother for the first time!

Visitors to the shop and clients dialy reminded me that I am a Vibrational Energy Healer; I am a Spiritual Listener. I am a Metaphysician. I am by choice on this energy learning path and will be all of my days.

Last Saturday, I participated in a Zen Dance Workshop with Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa and it opened me in new ways to my body, as it has not been in a very long while. May I work to keep it listening and moving! Prior to the dance workshop, I participated in the Shusho Ceremony for her husband Guglielmo Doryu Cappelli at Sanshin Zen Community. That too was an opening. I was shown how one listens into the world of words and answers questions through the heart.

This week, Yuko sent out the announcement "MOVING", announcing to our list that Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe is moving. Here is my letter.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for being part of the Wellness Arts Café Community on Kirkwood! It has been both a pleasure and honor to meet with you and to share my creations and those of other local artist and craftspeople visiting 725 West Kirkwood Avenue.

Our last day to be open at 725 West Kirkwood Avenue will be Saturday, July 26th, 2014.

The Café page at will in time change to reflect new link connections.

Work is being done to streamline the Quilter's Comfort website so when complete, it will make purchasing on line easier. The web changes may not be evident until after the move.

As you can imagine this is an exciting and extremely busy time, as are most endings and beginnings. It is a time of many transitions unfolding within my life and the lives of those around me. Fortunately there is much JOY and BIRTHING WILD energy gathering, rising and moving through as all blessing work expands.

We will keep in touch so you will know what is birthing out of this move.

Again, thank you, your support and presence will always be a delicious part of my community memories.

Blessings of wellness to you and yours,



Updated some HART Rock and the book arts pages; eventually, I will put up more of my paper folding and tesselaltions in the Art Gallery and some of my new books!


My book "Poets Eat the Sun" is nearing completion! It will be in the mail this next week, if not before!

It is sometimes an effort to put working creations aside as I consider the multitude of decisions and choices before me regarding the Wellness Arts Cafe. I appreciate the effort and support that allowed the Cafe to come to life. The understandings gained are being considered with the Simply Healthy Fairs of the Indiana Holistic Health Network which I was Event Planner and chief bottle washer. I am learning much about me in this world and know that there will always be opportunities and choices because I life in invitation of creative ideas..

On June 15th there was a special Gospel Sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Church. I arrived early to be sure of having a seat and saw that the service was full and there were quite a few dripping eyes. The presentation was filled with much energy and words offered to settle the hearts and minds of those playing with their grief. I got to enjoy the final minutes twice!

I saw many welcoming faces, bright lights; changes in the youth, some moved from childhood into young adult hood, others flowed into the between state. The music, the music that I was fortunate to experience, was so much sweeter and I know that it was because I was feeling a common connection with each of those sharing their gifts and all appreciating listeners.

June 12 2014

What a busy day!

We've had a lot of rain recently making the land around here very saturated. The hops are amazing this year. They are over fourteen feet tall, very healthy and already showing buds an inch or longer! You can see how much taller the plants are than I am. Vines are reaching beyond the second story of the house and the lower ones are covered with buds.

All around me is transition and the excitment that brings with it.

The gallery opening was very sweet, there was a constant stream of people and the Herbal Table was delicious! I will be posting images for that evening and others on the Cafe page very soon!

From readying what I can for the move, to keeping up with current projects and as much as possible maintaining my sitting practice that ranges at times from five minutes and others fifteen.

I accepted a commission to create a queen sized quilt made of only African Fabrics. The search has not been as easy as I imagined. It seems that China has a large foot hold in that area. Fortunately, we are finding some resources and making synchronistic connections that are leading us forward.

I finally have the pattern made for the book doll, and I plan to keep up with this one. Now to selecting the fabrics and getting the dolls made for the orders.

One couple I am friends with had their baby surprise everyone with a very early delivery, so the baby quilt I thought I would be working on later has become a priority for the the wee one and his family. Here is the top pinned and ready for quilting.

Time to relax and consider the day.

Almost forgot, there is a small quantity of the All Ears 2 available for those who have been asking!

Blessings of health and creativity!

June 2, 2014

Chevron Baby Quilt

Dear Reader,

Thank you for being here.

My first image posting is a a quilt I made in May for my grandson. This is an elegant little quilt. Because so many young ones seem to have allergies, I used a silky soft batting of certified organic bamboo and cotton.

This Friday, June 6th will be the last exhibit in the Wellness Arts Gallery at 725 West Kirkwood Avenue. I feel it is perfect that the final exhibit in this lovely space is "Love in Action", paintings by Patricia Kaler. We've begun announcing the fast approaching move of Patrici's Wellness Arts Cafe at the end of July. My list of what to do for this transition seems endless. I know that I will only get so much done. There are so many unknowns; when I reflect on past life changes, it is clear that every shift embodies unknowns. You simply have to live into the day, then get your barrings.

One of my haiku poems is published to the June issue of Brass Bell: A Haiku Journal!

One thing known is that HART Rock's Wellness Arts Cafe, Quilter's Comfort and Ichiyo Dharma are preparing for the 2nd Annual Makevention! Last year was wonderful participating in this Bloominglabs event. It is a wonderful, fast growing group of makers! For years, I refered to my self as a "thing maker", because, I love making a variety of things. Now, I can simply say, "I am a maker"! I am inspired by the creative energy embodied within this group.

As with last year, each maker is being asked to teach one thing to visitors. I thought often about what my project would be and .I am prepared to teach a wonderful, I think, magical craft to my booth visitors.

I will have teas, jelly, cards and a selection of other handmade items. I will also have sampling of available jelly and maybe a cold tea to go.

Beer to Coffee Jelly



thank ou love and joy love and joy love and joy thank you thank you
Copyright © 2016 by Patricia C. Coleman. All rights are reserved. All images are my sole property unless stated. Please ask for written permission before using in whole or part.

Thank You making an appointm

ent, buying my art, or taking a clas! I Love You