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Birds of a Feather

ISBN 978-0-9767038-0-8

"Some Poets Eat the Sun" tetraflexagon


Inner Pages

some Poets Eat the Sun tetraflexagon inner book pages by Patricia C. Coleman

Final pages revela a tiny side sewn book






Inhale, Exhale, tetraflex mixed media collage recycled images, rice paper, card stock

Circle Tetraflex I give thanks to Gavilia Givehand for helping me understand this form.


Each page smile, wonder
Turning, open open, wonder
A possible delight

"Love is Love" - a few images from an accordian hanging book created as part of an exhibit "Standing on the Side of Love".


Flutter Books with hand made paper covers

Animal Stories Book Necklace of leather, ink jet paper, glass and stone beads, artificial sinew, india ink handwritten text.

Apples I Have Known


canvas, acrylic paint, gourd, leather, printed poetry forms, collaged text, apple wood
Long Tongue

Apples I Have Known
Chair Book with stuffed chair, wood, Monoprint and Giclee ; pop up chair of black walnut, cherry and ash



Handmade Edizioni Pulcinuelefante. Printed on the occasion of Alberto Casiraghy's visit to Indiana University. Book arts project with Amos P. Kennedy. Inside is my poem "Handmade".Handmade Edition No. 15. Bloomington, IN, October 2000.

Beautiful Biscuits, a unique collection of delicious biscuit recipes that includes Flakey Whole Wheat Biscuits and Biscuit Pot Pie; a variety of tasty sauces and spreads and Biscuit Man story.

*Beautiful Biscuits update release set for 2014!


"S" is for Strawberry

Page of handmade paper with embossed horse bowl, india ink, white charcoal.

For Abecedary project Center for the Book, Minnesotta.


I is for "I Love you". I is for these and other words. Imagine, idea, ignite, illume, immense, incisive, inclusive, infinite, incomparable, ingenious, initiate, inspire, invigorate, Iroquois. I is for I. I LOVE.

For Abecedary project Center for the Book, Minnesotta.



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Doll Books resource to dollmakers, mask makers and other creative spirits
Indiana Holistic Health Network , health and wellness directory of Indiana Green Dove Peace Network  is a non-profit preace education resource based in Bloomington, IN with local and world links
Quilter's Comfort Certified Organic artisan teas, seasonings and boended with Reiki love by Patricia to soothe, energize, and nurture your creative spirit!
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