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Reiki for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers
and Victims of Domestic Violence living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A Place of Love and Wellbeing in creative action!

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May those who serve the armed services, be well served through our care upon return home!
Their care and wellness is reflected in the general wellness of the larger community.

To Contribute to this work, make your check to: IHHN,noted Reiki Wellness Project. Mail to IHHN, P.O. 8172, Bloomington, IN 47407 - A project of Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts and the Indiana Holistic Health Network.

Kanki Symbol for Reiki

The Japanese kanji symbol for Reiki. It literally means Universal Life-Force Energy which is what animates our physical forms. It is the electromagnetic energy moving through all things in the multverse.
Quartz Crystal raiant clearing, balancing.  Thank You!
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"Reiki ni Rei,
Sensei ni Rei,
Otagai ni Rei."

[ "Bow to the Reiki , bow to your teacher, bow to your fellow students" ]

By bowing you are expressing respect, courtesy, and gratitude to
your art, your teacher, other students, and yourself.

Ultimately, you are acknowledging the 'Blessing' you hold
- the 'Light Gift' that is within each of you - the "Sacred Potential - for Healing, Protection and Spiritual Development"
that is:
'the Reiki Phenomenon' .


The Reiki Wellness Projects will provide Reiki as a relaxation tool to directly address emotional, physical and spiritual needs of persons living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . Our initial intention was to provide Reiki sessions and education to victims of Domestic Violence. As work progressed, it became increaslinly clear that we wanted to address veterans experiencing PTSD. It became clear as this idea progressed, that in addressing the needs of Vets and their families, we would also be able to address our initial goal of providing Reiki to victims of domestic violence.

The Reiki Wellness Project, once established will offer free Reiki sessions and education to individuals living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We offer Reiki and Vibrational Wellness Services at a 40% discount.


Reiki is a non invasive biofield practice. It is an ancient, gentle, non-invasive Japanese healing energy practice.

Reiki is utilized by individuals and hospitals around the world for its support in healing the mind, body and spirit. Although research continues in an attempt to understand how Reiki works, that is still unclear, but the results are measurable.

A Reiki practitioner is a vehicle for the flow of energy. The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, and other hospitals have documentation showing that Reiki helps reduce stress and facilitates relaxation which helps improve health and general wellbeing, which enhances the quality of life. There are no known side affects; a person cannot get too much Reiki energy. Everyone who chooses to can learn to work with Reiki energy, including children.

For most, the relaxing effects of a Reiki session are immediately obvious as clients leave with a heightened sense of well being. Some of my own clients compare it to the effects of having a massage, only there is no manipulation and you keep your clothes on; others feel like it is the deepest meditation they have ever achieved.

A Reiki session catalyzes the body's natural ability to heal and enhances the effects of conventional medical practices and other complementary healing arts and therapies.

. The Reiki Practitioner is a conduit for the energy.

One does not have to have a specific belief system to experience the benefits of Reiki. Reiki is for all people and all beliefs. In the practice of Reiki, it is the intent to bring the love of the Creative Universal Life Force (Great Spirit, God, Universal Intelligence, The One, Positive Force) to all for healing. The recipient of Reiki does not have to believe in it to receive the relaxing b enefits that contribute to greater feelings of wellbeing.

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For many, creating and participating in a ritual helps make it eassier to approach letting go of thoughts, painful experiences, and attitudes that weigh us down and use up our energies. Patricia has been involved in personal ritual and ceremony making for over two decades, and is available to assist you in developing personal ceremonies to acknowledge lifes changing moments.
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"When you learn a craft, practice it.
That learning comes through the hands."


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To Contribute to the Reiki Wellness Projects, send a check to Reiki Healing Project, RPWA and IHHN, P.O. 8172, Bloomington, IN 47407 -


Veterans Wellness Project

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Domestic Violence

Bloomington, Indiana - Middle Way House

Miles Foundation
Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault by Military Personnel 1-877-570-0688


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- Catholic Charities

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-Natural Health and Meditation - PTSD

Bloomington, Indiana Resources
-Veterans Affairs - 214 West 7th Street, (812) 349-2568

-Veterans of Foreign Wars (812) 332-4684

-Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 604 - 2404 West Industrial Park Drive, (812) 339-2375

-Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7850, Gosport, IN 812-879-4230


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