Contact Us to begin the process of determining your site needs and goals. Once you have decided to take the first step, we will provide you with our Planning Guide and Resource List which will help you to clearly define your web site goals and assist you in deciding on your web content and resource needs. The Resource List provides you with excellent information to assist you in maximizing knowledge of your web site presence.

Once you've completed your Planning Guide and returned it to us, we look it over, and based on services desired, we make up a written estimate.

Upon receiving your Planning Guide, we will go over your information, check to see if you have provided a registered domain name and obtained web-hosting services. If you have not yet secured a domain name and web host, we can make arrangements for you as part of our web building service.

If you are in Monroe County, Indiana, visit Hoosier Net to find out about free public access accounts and low cost World Wide Web services. If you decide to handle getting your own domain services and web hosting, we recommend Doteasy.com for their dependable, low cost domain registration with free hosting and accompanying e-mail services. And we know from years of experience that they provide quality reliable services.

Completing our Web Planning Guide helps you to bring all of your site idea needs together and it helps us to understand what you want and how we can assist you in achieving the look you desire. Once you have gathered all of your information, we organize it to present a look, feel and movement appealing to you and easily accesable to your visitors. The Planning Guide will help you to focus on the purpose of your site, clarify who your audience is, help you to decide whether you want one page or a multi-page site; help you to determine sources for other web content, information and design elements to enhance your web site.

The information from your guide is used to create your site Storyboard. Once you approve a storyboard, which establishes the organization and navigation through your site, background, colors, fonts, and images, we add the content you supply and any forms you need for your site along with Meta tag and keywords and a description of your site suitable for search engine submissions. We test all links for accuracy. We test your web page(s) on our browsers and others within a local network of computers on the top Internet Explorer and Netscape systems. You will be able to preview your site on a test site URL to evaluate the appearance of your site and make corrections. Once you have completed the final check of your website and we have received your final approval, your site will be published to your designated web address and submited to search engines.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us with any questions.

-Runcible Spoon Poetry Series
-Poetry Links Library
-The Burry Mans Writers Center
-Write.MS, Writers Resource Center
-National Writers Union
-Writers Weekly .com
-Poets & Writers Magazine - Ploughshares
-The E-Writers Place
-The Writer
-Writer's Digest
-Green DovePeacePoets

-Green Dove Magazine
-Peace Art Links
Matrix Magazine
-Indiana Review
-Indianapolis Writers Center


-Indiana Arts
-Bloomington Area Arts Council
-Bellevue Gallery
-By Hand Gallery

-Bloomington Storytellers Guild

-Absolute Arts
-dArt Fine Art
-Art Source
-Art Net Links/Resources
-Art Smart
-Book Arts Links
-Singer Song-Original -Independent Music and Artist Resources
-VSA: Artist Resources
-The Artist's Magazine
-Art in America
-American Artist

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Green Dove Network
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